Smart Cities Have Passionate Cyclists!
Kalyan Cyclist - Smart Cities Have Passionate Cyclists!

“Kalyan Cyclist” is a Cycling Club in Kalyan, founded by “Dr. Adwait S. Jadhav” to promote cycling in the city and help riders use cycle for health, fitness, weight-loss, workouts, sport, leisure, touring, transport or for commuting purposes. We are into advocacy for cycling opportunities in our city and communicate with local and state authorities for cycling access, parking, safety, routes and tourism within Kalyan and Thane District. We have grown to over 200 members in a short span of 1 year with a goal this year to hit the 500 member mark. Our members are from all age groups, from different work and social backgrounds, including students, doctors, engineers, businesses, police, politics, government departments, CAs etc.

We conduct weekly group’s leisure rides for members and promote daily rides for distant goals, fitness and Cycle2Work. We also serve as a contact point for cycling and rides in Kalyan, Dombivali, Ulhasnagar, Badlapur and Ambernath. We work closely with local authorities and government departments and have built strong channels to promote cycling in the city and to educate both cyclists and motorist on observing safety and lane discipline. We were appreciated by the government for our continuous efforts and have full support from them.

We conduct regular workshops with breakfast of various topics for cyclist like puncture repair, basic bike maintenance, cycling dos and don't, sports medicine, first-aid, diet, yoga, physiotherapy etc. We rely on sponsorships from local businesses and contribution from the founder, core members and few other key members for the expenses for these workshops or events.

No Helmet ? No ride. Helmets are compulsory!

Dr. Adwait Jadhav