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Kalyan Cyclist ( Smart Cities Have Passionate Cyclist )

  • Team Kalyan Cyclist is a friendly registered cycling club/association offering cycling for sport, passion and lifestyle. We were formed in July 2015 and have attracted more than 200 active cyclists amd 1.3k members in a span of one year. We keep wide range of rides including Sunday club rides, Ride to events, Training rides and also open events. Our main focus is spreading awareness and growing a strong culture of cycling not only in the city, but also around the city. We do club rides only on Sundays. Cycling being a small community, we want to help it get stronger. Our focus is road cycling and also off-road cycling occasionally. Our basic motto is to get people on their cycles and start cycling and take it as their lifestyle. We believe in Unity.
  • During our rides, we help people gain endurance, Strength and also learn a lot of other things like Safety, Group formation rides, what how and when to give proper hand signals. Our Sunday club rides are usually easy or medium paced. Training will be as per the experienced cyclist’s training required pace for practice.
  • We have a minimum age limit of 15 years for someone to join the club/firm. Age group of 16-18 years will have to give a written parental consent to be allowed to ride with team Kalyan Cyclist.
  • We follow a strict policy of no helmet ? no ride. Helmet is compulsory.

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