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Frequently Asked Questions - Kalyan Cyclist FAQs

FAQs - Kalyan Cyclist FAQs

We welcome all new riders to join us. Men, women, children are all welcomed to be a part of team kalyan cyclist.

On our Sunday club rides, we ride usually medium paced. We always have a ride lead and ride Trailer who will follow the last rider at all costs. We believe in starting our ride together and ending together. We leave no cyclist riding with us alone, even if he is the slowest rider of all. Usual medium paced avg speed is (16-21kph). Average speed may vary as per the slowest rider.
Puncture kit, A pump, spare tubes, tools. Nutritional bars, water to keep yourself hydrated, appropriate clothing, front and back lights with reflective vest ( for night rides).
Come along, join us and learn from other riders. Every cyclist is friendly and you can feel free to ask them anything and everything about cycling.
We are still working on our professional racing teams, join us and maybe you can be a part of the racing team we develop.
We will organise special rides for Children below 15 years of age on request. Minimum requirement of children will be 10-15 children. Also it will be charged. for details, contact us.
We do several events including Veloraid racing, BRM’s such as 200kms, 400kms audax rides.

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