Smart Cities Have Passionate Cyclists!
  • We have a various routes that we use for our Sunday club rides
  1. City Ring Route Ride 15 kms.
  2. Mamnoli via Shahad 20kms one way.
  3. Murbad via Mamnoli 30kms one way.
  4. Padgha via gandhari 25kms one way
  5. Padgha via kon gaon 38kms one way
  6. Thane via kon gaon 21kms one way
  7. NCPA via kon gaon 65kms one way.

           The above mentioned are a few routes that we take, and there are many more.

  • We have a starting point of all our rides at Hotel Ramdev. We meet half hour before the start of the ride.Our rides vary from 15kms city ride to 100-200 kms as per ride destination or event destination.

  • We do club rides only on Sundays. Our usual meeting time at the start point is 5:30am.

  • We ride on mid-weeks or Saturdays only for Training rides and not club rides.


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